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1. Does SINOCEM export cement conforming to European, Russian or American standard? Or does SINOCEM only offer cement of Chinese Standard?

Apart from offering cement products as per the Chinese standard GB175-2007, we also offer cement of various international standards including:

- European standard EN197-1:2000
- Brazilian standard NORMA DNIT 050/2004 - EM
- Russian standard GOST
- American standard ASTM C-150
- Other national standard as per clients’special requests
If a client requires a cement product pertaining to their own national standard, we can always export an alternative of the same quality.


2. What cement sells best in your export?
Portland cement CEM II 42.5N per European standard EN197-1:2000. Clients are welcome to choose whatever products from our product list attached with full specifications at our website.


3. How to guarantee quality and quantity of your cement?
SINOCEM accepts third-party inspection by internationally recognized agencies such as BUREAU VERITAS (BV), SGS, or COTECNA, etc. as per clients’ requests, which issues certificates of quality and quantity at the loading port after completion of loading.

SINOCEM welcomes inspection by clients’ representatives at the time of loading for cement, steel or other cargos.
SINOCEM provides maritime insurance valued 110% of the full CIF cargo value.


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