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Sinocem Shipping

In 2013, Sinocem Shipping Department was established, which is in charge of chartering and operating ten more vessels of West Africa and the Caribbean shipping lines to satisfy our need of exporting cement, steel and other building materials; setting up stable routes, and the strategic cooperation with ten more seaports of the two routes. With the background of international trade, supported by the professional shipping team and many years of practical experience, today, our cement exportation has been effectively guaranteed in timeliness, predictability and security. Sinocem also formed an unique characteristic of bulk-cargo-logistics for the West Africa and South American shipping lines, set up door-to-door delivery services.

SINOCEM not only offer you the best quality of cement, steel and other building materials, but we are also committed to give you the best forwarding and shipping services, cargos are guaranteed to be delivered directly, efficiently, safely, and definitely on time.


Address: D Tower, Intime City, No.380 Fengtan Road, 310011 Hangzhou, China
Tel: +86-571-87995116 Fax:+86-571-87995117
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